Lyon a city with a huge history

Roughly halfway between the cities of Paris and Marseille, in the central east corner of France is the city of Lyon that as well as being an important business centre is also known for its gastric prowess as it is home to some of the best cuisine in the country. In addition, Lyon is also referred to as the silk capital of the world and the backdrop of many global organisations such as Interpol and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.  As if this was not enough for one city, it is also known as one of the prime destinations for wine production with the famous Beaujolais wine produced locally.

As home to all of these notable industries, it should come as no surprise that the city offers some of the most famous tourist attractions in France, including church buildings, monuments, museums, gardens, historic ruins, and parks.  The churches of Lyon in particular are very attractive to visitors due to the architectural designs in use that are a mixture of both modern and ancient tastes.  Some of the most popular churches include the St Bruno Church, St. Bonaventure Church, St. Just Church, and the Notre Dame de Fourviere.

Outside of the typical attractions of Lyon, there are a also a few alternative stops you should make including the many opera houses spread around the city including the Vienne Roman Theatre, Tony Garnier Hall, La Bourse, Cour de Voraces, and the Old Court Law.  The most recognised monument in Lyons is the Cathedral St-jean, and this can be seen on a day out in the parks, that are charming and quaint and are wonderful areas to pass the time away given their lush greens and stunning fountains.

Every December on the 8th is the Festival of Light that is a favourite among tourists and locals and is a celebration of the Lyonnais rescue from the plague by the Virgin Mary.  Also notable are the Bouchons restaurants that feature some of the best cuisine in France with wines and dishes that will stimulate and perk up your taste buds while on holiday.

The climate in Lyon is temperate which means that it can rain any time of the year, but it also means that temps are generally enjoyable throughout the year with the hotter summer months taking place from June to September.  There is almost never any snow in the city but during the autumn there is likely to be much more rain.

In terms of transportation there are two railway stations within the city and the metro system includes trains, trams, and buses as well as some trolleybuses.  Bicycling is also very popular in Lyons with a bicycle service lining the smaller streets and a public bicycle service.