Limoges temperate climate makes it comfortable for all

Being an area of moderate temperature and consistent rainfall, the annual weather variation in Limoges is quite small. However, most travellers prefer to visit during the summer since there is a small increase in temperatures from those found in winter.

Limoges is blessed with a temperature ranging in the mid-seventies making it the ideal location for those who may love walking about and admiring the beautiful landscape. During the night, the temperatures reach the high fifties (fahrenheit), and it is a prudent ideal to wear a light jacket if you want to go out and enjoy the night life.

In winter, temperatures in Limoges average out within the lower forties. The high temperatures of the day and the lowest of the night have a slight variance sometimes being less than 5 degrees. Although one finds freezing rain during the colder days of winter, the occurrence of snow is very rare.

The annual level of rainfall is fairly even, although most of it tends to fall within the winter period, with the summer months getting less. August is the driest month of the year with a recorded average rainfall period of only 7 days. The longest rainfall period lasts for about 11 days.