La Rochelle

One of the great cruise destinations in France is La Rochelle. Cruise travellers who choose to have their holidays in La Rochelle will come face to face with a fascinating history. Many adventurous sailors embarked on their voyages from La Rochelle. Today, the ancient port is one of the most popular destinations in France.
La Rochelle is set on the Bay of Biscay in France. The town has been preserved with its historic charm. Its old harbour is one of the most well preserved in the area. Its town centre is something that La Rochelle can be proud of also.
Cruise travellers to La Rochelle can also enjoy many other activities that the destination offers. Enjoyable trips into La Rochelle’s delightful countryside are particularly popular.
One of the highlights of La Rochelle is its historic centre; the town’s mediaeval buildings are a sight to behold. One can also explore the centre’s arcades. The Clock Tower Gate in La Rochelle is another spectacular sight. Cruise travellers will definitely enjoy going on one of the guided tours through this amazing part of La Rochelle.
Other highlights include Henry II’s House, the Maritime Museum, the Valois Chateau, the Ile d’Oleron and the Le Marais aux Oiseaux Bird Park.
Cruise travellers can also enjoy La Rochelle as a shopping destination. There are many excellent and unusual shops in La Rochelle that sell a wide range of goods.
If you are going on a cruise to France, you will most probably need a short stay Schengen visa if you are from outside the EU. This visa allows travel across member countries freely, including France. The Schengen visa will allow you stay in any member country for 90 days. These visas are issued for holidays, business travel, and for visiting family.