La Havre

One of the amazing cruise destinations that the country of France offers is Le Havre; Le Havre is the country’s biggest port. This town was unfortunately reduced to ruins during the bombardments of the Second World War and much had to be rebuilt. Le Havre is one of the few destinations in the world that is known as a World Heritage Site; UNESCO conferred this label on it in 2005.After the war, La Havre became a lacklustre place, far from the interesting town it is today. The destination changed for the better with the help of its residents who gave La Havre back its vibrant and exciting atmosphere.La Havre is located near Seine Bay and it is around 200 kilometres or 125 miles from France’s capital, Paris. Many of the cruise ships that leave the shores of France do so from La Havre.Fortunately, the Notre Dame Cathedral was partially spared the ravages of war. The building was eventually repaired and it is now one of the most popular sights in Le Havre.Cruise travellers can also enjoy exploring La Havre’s art galleries and museums. There are also beaches in La Havre where cruise travellers can have some fun in the sun. Other tourist sites include the Malraux Art Museum, the Japanese Garden, and the Saint Joseph’s church.If you are going on a cruise in France, you will most probably need a short stay Schengen visa if you reside outside the EU. With a Schengen visa, you can travel across member countries freely, including France. The Schengen visa will allow you stay in any member country for 90 days. These visas are issued for vacations, business travel, and for visiting family.