Kids reign supreme at French camp site

If you want to go on holiday to somewhere you can be certain that your children will not be forgotten then head to Domaine Les Moulins in France.

This is effectively a village with a village and entry is restricted to those who fit the criteria; ie you have to be a kid between the ages of 5 and 12 and this is their domain, without the aggravation of those pesky adults hanging around to spoil their fun.

The Domaine Les Moulins Kids Club is at the heart of the Original Camping site at Noirmoutier and is a realm of fun for youngsters where they are provided with everything they could possibly need. There are sports and facilities of all types and all under the watchful, but not encroachful, eye of experienced professionals.

Throughout the summer season, four multilingual, professionally trained leaders welcome children from 5 to 12 years-old in French, German, English or Dutch.

So what is included in the programme of this club out of bounds to parents?`Art workshops, fun discoveries, the inevitable treasure hunts,and all adventures and sports imaginable are provided in an exceptionally beautiful setting without cars, between the ocean and pine forest.

And in the evening, children are delighted to show their parents the facilities that are reserved for them: trampolines, sports fields, table tennis, swings, play areas, games and of course, the talking point of this unusual campsite: the iconic teepees! The Domaine Les Moulins Kids Club ensures that everyone has a good holiday, both parents and children.