It’s Easier Than It Looks: The Paris Metro

Visiting a new place or country can be a daunting experience in itself, without having to navigate through complicated underground or subway structures. However, if you want to explore Paris as quickly and efficiently as possible, then the only way is by using the Paris Metro system. This guide will give you tips and hints to make this process as smooth and easy as it possibly can. After your first time travelling around the beautiful city on it, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Location And Locating

Treat the Metro system as a more proficient and organised version of a train station. Keep your eye out for the massive yellow Metro or ‘M’ signs, which are dotted all around the city. Once you’ve found a location, it’s simply a matter of then locating your destination on a Metro map, so you know where you’re stopping along the way.

Buying A Ticket

When buying your ticket, there are different types to choose from, but there’s no need for confusion. The ‘Navigo Decouverte’ is a contactless card that allows you to travel by Metro and many other public transport systems, in selected parts of Paris and the Ile de France for at least three days. You can use this card with ease. You can also buy a ‘Paris Visite’ card, which will get you entry to museums. A ‘Carte Mobilis’ will get you a day’s ride on Metro, Bus and the Regional Express Network.


Finding your platform can be done with ease with these few simple steps. Simply follow the signs, which will have the number and colour of the line; they will also have the last destination of the train, which is important for knowing that you’re getting the correct terminus. Once you’ve located your platform, you can check how long your train should take to arrive and then simply wait. Remember, don’t stand too close to the edge and always be vigilant against lone luggage and suspicious passengers. Similarly, don’t forget this important information on your flight over too, and don’t forget to book cheap flights to Paris at

Enjoy The Ride

Travelling through Paris on the Metro can be a fun and enjoyable experience. At busier times in the day, you may find that you’re standing up for the majority of your journey, but this just means you have a better view out of the window. Keep an eye out on how many stations are left before you reach your destination, so you’re ready and prepared to swiftly get off the train. After you’ve safely got off the train, take your time finding the exit of the Metro station and locating your destination.

Things To Remember

Always keep an eye on your luggage and personal belongings. Metro stations are busy places and it’s easy to get lost in the hectic and eventful atmosphere, ignoring important situations around you. The Metro system is quick and efficient, meaning that the doors work this way too. Be careful when entering and leaving the train as it’s easy to dawdle and get trapped within the doors.