Haute-Savoie mountains and lakes

Haute-Savoie is a department of France that is dominated by mountains and lakes, and those mountains have meant that it has become home to some of the best skiing resorts in the country, such as Morzine and Chamonix.

If you are interested in sightseeing rather than skiing then there are also plenty of options to do in this part of France. On the shores of Lake Geneva visitors will find spa towns which provide an opportunity for some great relaxation. Annecy is a town that provides a great base for those who wish to explore the Alps, including the most famous of them all, Mont Blanc.

Annecy has been nicknamed as the Venice of Savoie and it is a wonderful town to explore in both the summer and winter. Its name comes from the Italian town because it has a network of canals running through it. There is an old castle in the town which is located high above it and in this you will find a museum detailing the history and culture of the region.

LakeAnnecyis located in the centre of the town and this is the point where all the canals run to. There are some features to enjoy around the lake although these tend to be very busy in the summer.

Lake Geneva is located in the town and it forms the border between Switzerland and France. This can be explored on foot and there is also the option to rent a bike to explore its shores. There are also numerous water sports that take place on it such as sailing, and it is also possible to hire someone to take you on a relaxing boat trip. The water in the lake is beautifully clear and it is even being sold as a bottled mineral water.