Gites in France

A gite was once a very simple antique holiday accommodation inside the farmlands of Portugal. Today however, you’re more likely to see gites used right across Europe and those in France right now are an assortment of tiny getaway cottages, great farmhouses and even extravagance apartments rentals. This is all done to help families have get togethers in a gite that comes with a pool etc, and you will find them in all shapes and forms.

Most gites these days tend to be well built with all the modern facilities you would expect. You can get a gite for 3 days, a full week or longer if you want, and they are fast becoming the accommodation of choice for those seeking a break away for crowded hotels. A number of gite managers have even set up deals with ferry companies and car rental services, making the cost of getting to your gite even cheaper.

Holidays in the French countryside are a wonderful experience at the best of times, and staying in a gite improves on even that. The Eurostar train has made travelling to France even quicker and more convenient for those who live on the south and you can now board a train at St Pancras and within a few hours be unpacking in your gite and cracking open a bottle of wine to celebrate the beginning of what is sure to be a great holiday.

Staying in a gite will invariably be a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, or even an inn, and this is part of the reason why large groups are going down the gite route and per head, it works out to be a very cheap holiday. With facilities such as a pool available, they are the ultimate getaway.