Gite French for holiday home

In France, the word Gite roughly translates to ‘holiday home.’ It also suggests that the home is going to be in a rural area and is going to be a self-catering villa or cottage. Historically, the word was used for very simple dwelling where labourers and shepherds would be able to escape the rain while working. Today however, these buildings have been turned into holiday homes which are popular with many tourists.

The places are normally converted from old farm buildings and because of this they have a wonderful architectural style that is very French. Today, most of these buildings have all of the facilities you would expect in a holiday villa and are in very appealing locations for anyone who is looking for a relaxing getaway. Most of these buildings are privately rented and there are many websites with information about one’s you can stay in.

The difference in prices between gite’s can vary enormously and if you are on a budget it is easy to find a simple gite with basic facilities. On the other hand if you have more money to spend you are going to be able to rent something that would be equivalent to a luxury villa.

Many of these more expensive locations have large swimming pools and high-tech facilities. If you are looking for a location with a bit more charm than your average holiday home then considering staying in a gite can be a great idea for your next holiday to France.