Getting to know Normandy better

To get an understanding of Normandy it is a great idea to visit the World War II museums and sites that are in this part of France. This will give you an unrivalled understanding of the culture and history of this part of the country. There are several areas here that are key to visit if you want to understand this part of history.

One of the most important places to visit would be Honfleur. This is a port town that has been very popular with artists for a long time, and was important during the Impressionist period. Here you will find that the streets are made of cobblestone, and there are numerous beautiful sailboats sailing in and out of the port. You’ll also find that there are several museums and interesting churches to explore nearby.

Caen is also an important town in this part of France, and it was mostly destroyed during the war. Here you will find one of the best museums in France dedicated to the Second World War, and you will find numerous exhibits and pieces of memorabilia from the war. Unfortunately, it is often the case that many museums dedicated to the war in this part of France and not very good, and are simply there to cash in on the tourist trade. This is not the case with this fantastic destination, and you’ll really find visiting here is a fascinating experience.

Normandy is also part of France that is known for making wine, and interestingly, cider is also popular here. If you are coming to this part of France then you should make sure that you take the opportunity to taste this. Also, moules-frites is a popular dish here, which is made up of fries and mussels, something that is definitely worth tasting.