Getting to and around Nantes by car

In Nantes there is a major road junction and highway of the French Atlantic coast this being the easy route from Brittany and Normandy to the Vendee and Poitou, lying on the axis of the Highway of the Estuaries between Flanders in the Basque Country.

The presence of the Loire estuary requires that the road passes through the ring of Nantes, which is regularly crowded in the rush hours of the morning and evening. There is currently inadequate road crossing over the Loire, between the Saint-Nazaire and the Chevire. The transition roadway from Nantes to go North-west to South-west it is almost inevitable that there will be very heavy traffic especially during major holidays

The city of Nantes has invested in a program to reduce vehicle traffic to the downtown city centre over the last fifteen years and with a total length of 43 km, the ring roads of Nantes are currently the second largest in France after those of Bordeaux. Within his ring road you can reach almost the whole of Nantes and the towns of Reze and San Sebastian in the south.

Access to the city is by different gates that mark the layout of the road system and the system allows the bypassing of the city from the north and south and it has various names: the North is the A844 motorway to the West it is the RN844, South the RD145 and RD844 and lastly the East it is the RN249.

This road names delineates the construction stages from the various main lines joining Nantes. The cross roads are made up of the A811 motorway, that connects the interchange number 22 of the A11 at junction 42 of the road system, also known as the Boulevard but better known as the Door of Anjou.

In conjunction with this a policy of car sharing which was introduced in Nantes in 2008, known as the Marguerite alternative networks and Transit systems were created for Bicycle sharing as well.