Get On The Scene: Step Into A French Film in Paris

Paris is one of those places where turning every corner feels like you’ve stumbled into a movie scene. It’s not surprising, given how many popular films have been set there. If you’re longing to experience a moment from your favourite Paris movie scenes it’s very easy – just note down these locations:

Amélie (2001) has become the most adored movie to come out of Paris in recent times. The protagonist do-gooder Amélie Poulin (Audrey Tautou) visits some of the capital’s most beautiful places, and as little was altered for filming, it is easy to feel like you’re in the story. The movie was largely set in the district of Montmartre, so this is the best place to start. You can visit the grocery store of the nasty Monsieur Collignon – a real-life shop on Passage des Abbesses. Take a break at Café des Deux Moulins , the famous café where Amélie works. Be sure to try the crème brulee, fittingly named after Amélie.

Audrey Hepburn may have been British but she’s as classic and stylish as Paris herself, and her movie Charade (1963) is still one of the favourite films set in the French capital. Rather wonderfully, the marionette show where Reggie (Hepburn) and Peter ( Cary Grant) met can be found at the Theatre Vrai Guignolet, in the Jardins des Champs Elysees. Depending which day of the week you go, you can still see the marionettes performing.

The hotel where Cary Grant’s character famously takes a shower in his suit is the Hotel St Jacques in the Latin Quarter at 35 rue des Ecoles. Of course you can relive this scene in any hotels in Paris … but remember that Grant’s suit was drip-dry!

Those who prefer their films with a little more action can follow in the footsteps of Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity (2002) as he faced up to his mysterious past – and the people out to get him. When Bourne and his sidekick Marie arrived in Paris they spent their first night sleeping in the car, which was parked on the Quai de la Tournelle, on the Left Bank. (You don’t have to resort to the same; there are some great Paris hotels nearby which are far more comfortable). The next day Bourne dropped in to his apartment, at 104 rue du Jardin, where the trouble starts. In real life the apartment is 104 Avenue Kléber, just near the Metro Trocadero.