Gers, a hidden French gem

In a relatively unknown corner of south-west France there is a place called Gers. This part of France is easily accessible, both from the UK as well as Spain; the Spanish border being only an hours drive away. Drive away from the region for a little more than half an hour and you will arrive at Pau airport. Gers is also a comfortable drive from such major French destinations as Bordeaux, Tarbes, Toulouse and Bergerac.

Gers is an ideal destination. It is located near both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and also near some great ski resorts. This means that for those who choose to relocate to the region there is often not a great deal of travel time to reach a holiday spot.

Its location close to the Pyrenees ensures that there are fantastic views to be seen from the region. Many of the houses in the southern part of the region have terraces which have spectacular views of the mountains. The landscape in this part of France is very varied; with rolling hills, beautiful sunny valleys and lush woodlands. There is also a great diversity of wildlife and it is not uncommon to see wild boar or deer in the surrounding area. Impressive birds of prey swoop high above the valleys and perch on the trees.

The fields that line the area are filled with vibrant sunflowers which add a dash of colour to this already lively landscape. Other fields are dedicated to the production of wine and vineyards from the area supply the Gascony region with some of its exquisite wines such as Floc and Armagnac. Even in the most remote villages you will find fine French food whipped up by gourmet chefs, and these delicious meals are available at fantastic prices.

This part of France has something to cater for every taste. Accommodation wise, there is a great range of properties, from traditional homes, set in sprawling grounds with many outbuildings, to more modern abodes which are much easier to maintain. In the summer the town comes alive with fĂȘtes which are filled with colour and music.

It was a long process of travelling through France before Helen, with her family, decided to settle on the border of Gers, the Pyrenees and Landes. It was her extensive travelling through France that gave her enough experience to settle in the country and start up her business helping people relocate to these regions.