French Lingerie

The French have long been renowned for their fashion sense and French lingerie is just one more way in which the French have shown that they understand how to be sexy and alluring.  The world of French lingerie includes many sexy and luxury items that make the wearer feel very confident, sensual, and sexier.

Since the French first invented lingerie back in the 1600s there are now a huge number of French designers that specialise in creating unique and sexy little pieces, a popular handful of which include Huit, Little Kiss, Lise Charmel, Marisetienne, Cotton Club, Nefer, and Simon Perele.

Of course, there are hundreds of famous designers across the world in addition to these that have dedicated themselves to producing French lingerie and for this reason there are now many different types of lingerie available on the market.  Each of these pieces varies due to colour, material, cuts, and styles.  Some of the designs are wilder while others may thrive on simplicity and colour combinations to create an elegant but alluring visual sensation for the viewer and the wearer alike.  For this reason there truly is something for everyone on the market.

In addition to the thousands of designs available on the market, there are also many different sizes available designed to fit those who fall within the normal size scale and those in need of plus sizes.  Some of the most popular materials that are used to create French lingerie include latex, nylon, silk, satin, and leather the material choice of course depending on the overall design that the buyer or designer desires.  For example, a sexy French garter may be made out of leather or nylon instead of silk because of the extra support that a garter requires in order to create the desired effect.

Of course some designs also use a mixture of materials such as a garter that is made from nylon but is decorated with silk or lacy embellishments and other combinations.  Due to this fact the price of different items of French lingerie varies widely and can range anywhere from a few pounds up to a few hundred pounds depending on the type of piece you have in mind and the designer.  For this reason people choose to shop online for lingerie pieces since they can find a better array of sizes and discounts in the virtual world versus on high street.

Those that are a bit more timid also find it easier to shop for lingerie online since they do not feel as if anyone is judging their purchase making it easier to purchase what they really want instead of what they think they should want.  French lingerie is inspired by some of the greatest fashion minds in the world and thus each piece is a creation worthy of admiration both as an art form and as a beautiful creation designed to stun a loved one.