French Hotels and Accommodation

If you have always wanted to live in a French château near Lyon, in a seaside flat in Nice or in Paris’s Latin Quarter, you can: book accommodation for these and other unique French stays the next time you go on holiday.
To find apartments, villas, chateaux, and condominiums in France, look online or speak with a travel agent. Many specialise in unique holiday stays, and they will be able to advise you. Much of the accommodation is great for families as they offer more room and a good kitchen for cooking meals. And if you have been thinking about moving to France, staying in an apartment may well give you a sense of what living in France would be like.
Most people who visit France, however, choose to stay in a hotel. The French government rates hotels according to one to four stars. Hotels with one star are quite basic. Very often rooms will not include an en-suite toilet; toilets and showers will be located down the hall and shared with other guests. It’s a good idea to enquire when you make the booking, as some hotels offer both rooms with a private bath, and those without private bathroom facilities. Two-star hotels are budget hotels that have more amenities than the one-star hotels and three-star hotels are considered first-class hotels. Hotels with four stars are at the top of the list and are regarded as luxurious.
There are a number of hotel chains that offer comfortable accommodation at good value. Mercure and Formule 1 are two that have good reputations for providing basic, moderately priced accommodation.