French Festivals

France is home to a large numbers of festivals, held throughout the year. Many are religious in nature celebrating Saints’ days, etc. Visiting festivals and joining in with the fun and excitement can add a lot to a visitor’s travel experience. So if you are in Calais or Lyon and there is a festival happening nearby, go and see what all the excitement is about.
The Carnival of Nice, held in late February or early March, encompasses parades, dances, fireworks, costumes and boat races. The festival ends with the traditional burning of King Carnival and the Battles of the Flowers, where opposing groups hurl flowers at each other.
Not too far from Nice is the annual Cannes Film Festival that takes place in May. While some of the films are ‘invitation only’, other films are open to the public.
The bordering Principality of Monaco has the annual Grand Prix, which is held in May. This is a F1 Championship car race where the cars speed through the narrow, winding streets of the town.
In the spring, there is the Foire du Trone, a huge amusement park that is open every day in Paris and that is great for kids.
Also in Paris is the International Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show, which takes place in early March and is perfect for fashionistas.
Tennis enthusiasts will not want to miss the French Open, one of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The tournament takes place in late spring, in Paris.
In the winter, there are Christmas Fairs in many towns near Strasbourg, the Fete des Lumieres in Lyon, and The Boat Fair in Paris. On New Year’s Eve, the Fete de St-Sylvestre is celebrated throughout the country, perhaps most flamboyantly in Paris.