Fred Olsen Cruises

Even if you have never been on a cruise before, you will have heard the name Fred Olsen. Fred Olsen cruises is a Norwegian company that is both family owned and run, and was founded in a little town outside of Oslofjord called Hvitstein in 1848. These days the fifth generation of the family run the company with Fred Jr at the helm and their operations are now run from Suffolk.

As well as ships, the company also has interests within the aviation, hotel, ferries, offshore and shipbuilding industries. Their first dedicated cruise ship made its debut in 1987, and year round cruises now sail out of Belfast, Dover, Dublin, Greenock, Leith, Liverpool, Newcastle and Southampton. This is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to fly to join their ship, and they also have ships leaving Barbados during the winter.

The company run specialist cruises for adults, and these appeal typically to those who are over 65 or who have retired. Don’t think for one minute that these are old fuddy duddy cruises however, and there are numerous activities to enjoy on board, they just give adults a holiday devoid of children.

The interior of the ships reflect tradition, and for four nights out of a fourteen day cruise guests are expected to dress for dinner. They also specialise in theme cruises, such as horticulture or gardening, or Scottish country dancing, and their events are often hosted by well known personalities from television, which adds to the fun even more.

If there was ever a match made in cruising heaven, it is Fred Olsen Cruises and Imagine Cruising. They have all the different itineraries available on their website, and you can get a glimpse of the ships and the different facilities on board, as well as seeing which cruise length will best suit your holiday needs.

Selecting and then booking your Fred Olsen cruise through Imagine Cruising couldn’t be easier, and with a few clicks you will have booked the cruise of your dreams. Fred Olsen are also ideal if you are a solo traveller, and you will be made as welcome as possible and soon make new friends. They offer a quintessentially British cruise experience with a mainly Filipino service staff who are both friendly and courteous.

Each cabin comes complete with tea and coffee making facilities, which are much appreciated by adult passenger, and smokers are catered for on the open decks, with is strictly forbidden anywhere inside. The drinks prices are very reasonable, and the whole experience has a gentle ambience that only improves your cruise even more.

Article for Imagine Cruising