France wins back its crown as the world’s top skiing destination

France has regained its place at the top of the mountain and is once again the top skiing destination in the world. Undoubtedly helped by the extended 2012/13 season, France has now overtaken both the US and Austria and is back in the number one spot. With the 2013/14 season fast approaching, French resorts are reported to be pulling out all the stops to stay in the position they worked so hard to regain.
A Google Trends chart also shows that ‘ski France’ has risen steadily above other nations such as the two other leading ski areas, to become the top-searched term when it comes to ski holidays. Searches for these terms (including ‘ski Austria’ and ‘ski USA’) have risen steadily in recent months as holidaymakers prepare for the upcoming ski season, but the French searches have been climbing higher than the competition in terms of Google searches.
The news comes as great encouragement for those looking to a buy a prestigious ski property in the area; prices remain steady when it comes to apartments and ski chalets for sale , and after the news that France is the prime destination for skiing enthusiasts, holidaymakers and those who are avid skiers will be flocking to the region looking for properties to rent.
There are a number of reasons that contribute to France and the Alps region in general being catapulted to the top of the list. The French Alps are one of the largest areas for snow sports in the world, and the great value ski passes that are on offer give access to a colossal area for a relatively low cost. Many of the ski areas are also connected, which is unusual in other popular skiing regions. Chamonix, for example, boasts a number of interconnected skiing regions that allows for easy access to different slopes.
The French Alps are also easy to access by air; there are four major airports for the Alps, the region is a sub-ten hour drive from the UK, and there are high-speed rail links from London which can get travellers there in half the time. The level of access is often directly proportionate to how popular an area is for skiing, as many people who class skiing as a family pursuit often face logistical problems in transporting their loved ones and their equipment a long way. Accessibility is key for holidaymakers and those who will be renting ski properties, meaning it is also key for those who are looking to invest in ski property for sale.
All of these features and positives of the French skiing region contribute to create a perfect situation for those who are looking to invest in skiing property at this time. As the premier skiing region in the world, France boasts a number of exciting investment opportunities that offer excellent returns as a result of the number of people flocking to the area.
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