France the healthiest country in the world

France is the healthiest country in the world and that may be a surprise since they are a country that emphasizes creamy sauces, savory meat dishes, sweets and pastries, cakes, aged brandy and fine wines.

In International Living’s Quality of Life 2011 France is the clear victor with the help of superb quality care and the low cost of health insurance. Women’s life expectancy is 84 while men are 77 and in the past decade the number of being over the age of 100 in France had doubled, and in the world health report the World Health Organization named France number one.

A doctor, called for a home visit by the SOS medecins arrives in only half an hour and for the price of an office visit ($30). If you get rushed to the hospital by SAMU, proof of medical insurance is not asked for, prior to treatment. Doctors practice using experience and knowledge and not just over prescribing in fear of malpractice law suits and drugs are very inexpensive.

Transferring your healthcare to a provider in France is possible when you move there or to one of the British companies providing coverage for individual expats. The cost may be less depending on age, health and other issues, but premiums start at around $125.