France is the place to learn French

Learning French in France has many advantages but the most valuable is that you will learn French using an authentic French accent and with all the correct colloquialisms that often confuse the majority of new speakers. It is common sense to say that in order to learn to speak French like the French speak French you should learn to speak it in France.

There are many excellent language courses available in the United States, Canada and the UK but it is essential to speak and hear the language the way it is spoken in France. So going to France to learn the language gives you a huge advantage over others that learn somewhere else.

Not only will you learn French in the country of its origin you will also be able to steep yourself into the deep culture and history of the country. What better way than to be with people that are like minded and are there to learn the language and you can attend classes all day together, practice together and socialize together to get a real true immersion into the culture and country.

You will be able to watch French television, listen to French music, eat French food and learn the actual terms used when ordering food in a restaurant not just what is book correct and has the correct punctuation and grammar.

Also you can decide to be in France for a week, a year or if a lifetime, the choice is all yours. One problem does arise when learning French in France and that is all of the different dialects that are used in the country. The different dialects contain their own vocabulary and it is not just as simple as having different accents. For instance the difference between the Bronx and Boston or Austin and Hartford but they are entirely different can be compared to the Yorkshire and Cornish dialects in the UK.

We are not just talking about the difference between the French spoken in Canada, Africa or the Caribbean but right in France there are languages spoken like Limousin, Gascon, Lorrain and others that are entirely different that “classical” French.