France home to real carp fishing

Carp fishing in France is said to be where the experienced carpers swear the big and feisty ones are even though the UK waters are rich in a number of different types of carp. There is an incredible increase in the number of Britons that are willing to cross the Channel for some continental carp fishing each year. The advantage to France is the milder weather and the large number of lakes where carp growth is favoured.

One reason for the number of carp in France is that the average French angler does not think about a carp when he is loading his hook. They say that many of the lakes that are practically carp only lakes were once mixed species lakes years back when anglers were always throwing back the carps resulting in monster carp that now have grown to be over 60 pounds or close to 27kg.

There are many places to fish and get the best carp for your trip. One of the cheapest ways to fish is at a public lake. Throughout France you will find thousands of public lakes many of which are fully stocked with carp. All you have to do is purchase a license and start fishing.

French-owned lakes are where you will find some of the best stocked carp lakes. The country has privately owned lakes and many are home to resorts and have comfortable accommodations that are from run down caravans and camping grounds to luxury hotels. The price to fish in a private lake may be high but it would be worth it because the rewards are high.

Two others methods to fish for your carp in France are British owned lakes that specialize in catering to the less adventurous traveller that just wants to fish in familiar environs. The other way is through Privately Administered Public Lakes, where the administration of a public lake has been handed over to a private group.