France enjoys tourist boom

It is known to many that France can be a difficult country to visit, especially in the French only speaking areas. Although we dislike its superior shopkeepers and time spent waiting, we cannot deny the fact that we simply love France. As a matter of fact, many people choose to visit France as opposed to other countries due to its well known attractions such as world class cuisine and stunning monuments.

France has successfully boosted its tourism recently and the French economy is benefiting greatly from the sudden influx of people in the country. It is proving so beneficial to their economy that they are still coming up with different ways to capitalise with the current tourism boom.

This is the result of a significant change of tack and only a few years ago France was doing little to try and attract new visitors. Didier Arino said that the primary problem in France is that they don’t value jobs in tourism. Arino is the director of the Consultancy Protourisme.

France boasts some the most glamorous resorts on the Mediterranean, including Cannes, Nice and St Tropez, which played a key role in securing third place in the most visited countries during 2012. Spain took second spot and the US was still way out in front at number one.

The socialist government of France has vowed to make the necessary changes to make their country the world’s number one tourist destination. The government has now acknowledged the fact that tourism can boost the economy of the country as well as bring in more employment opportunities. France sees tourism as it saviour in the current euro crisis, and are going all out to make potential visitors book their holidays there instead of anywhere else.