Finding the right Gite for your French holiday

Once the decision has been made to enjoy a French holiday then you may want to look into staying in a French Gite. Choosing a gite may well be the most important part of the entire holiday as a great gite can give you memories of your holiday you will never forget. While a poor gite can give you lots of memories for all the wrong reasons. Remember gites are not the same in different areas of France.

One important thing to remember is that many gites are registered with the national tourism organization of France and therefore must meet certain level of standards and the conditions and terms that they offer to travelers.

For example, Gites de France is a very popular organization that are all across the country others include Clavacances and Plein Soleil and they have rules that are clear and standard that are required of both the owner and the person renting. All this information is available online before you sign a rental contract. There is a main office in Paris but many regions have their own offices that are covering close to 50 departments.

Even though there are standardized rules they also may vary from department to department so it is important to know your rights and obligations completely before you decide to sign the contract.

It is important check out a number of details before you decide on the gite. Arrival times and departure times are very important since you do not want to miss any valuable time. Other things not to forget are cancellation policies, the deposit that is require, this is usually set by the owner and is about 25%.

There are cleaning fees when you depart, while you can clean yourself and it must be left as you receive it. You can save money and do it yourself but remember you need to give back like you received it.

There is also a security deposit that will be due and usually is 25% of the estimated rate. There will be charges for wood for fires as well as gas, a baby cot and others. The rule is you pay from everything that the owner says is not part of the booking cost.

You should ask about room size and if you need to buy bottled water is it free. Not all Gites are registered and if you decide to stay in one you need to get as much background about them as you can.