Based upon some of history’s most famous Last Suppers a French cookery school has launched a new course. Jim Fisher, British chef, is the brains behind the new course and is a former finalist for the BBC’s Masterchef and since has worked with the likes of Alistair Little, Tony Tobin and Rick Stein.

Now running his own school in the Dordogne, Jim will be offering people a choice of Famous Last Suppers including:

– The Titanic’s Final Banquet
– Pompeii’s Last Meal Moments
– The Last Supper
– Elvis Presley’s Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich
– King Edward V111 & Wallis Simpson’s Abdication Dinner
– French gourmand, Julia Child’s, last wish menu
– Will & Kate’s Royal Wedding canapes

With the rise in popularity of dinner parties, people are looking for something original to serve to their guests. Famous Last Suppers offers a truly unique experience to impress friends and also provides a great opening gambit for dinner-party conversation. Jim Fisher takes up the story:

“We’ve had great success with our courses as everyone loves to learn ‘cheffy’ techniques that they can recreate at home. People also enjoy finding out about the science of cookery – why do eggs curdle and what can you do when this happens to salvage, for example, mayonnaise?

Our Famous Last Suppers Course offers something for everyone, whatever level of ability and experience. There’s the challenging Titanic menu which is a five-day course in itself. Then there’s a simple, Elvis Presley-style snack which, together with a couple of other celebrity favourites, can be learnt in a day.

Whilst not quite a last supper, we’ve added the Royal Wedding canapé menu as everyone would love to be able to share a taste of the event of the decade with their friends.

As with all of our courses, a range of techniques will be incorporated including knife skills and bread making. We’ve already had lots of interest in our Famous Last Supper courses and, if they prove a success, we’ll look at a host of other, themed courses”.

The Famous Last Suppers Courses will begin in Autumn 2011 and more information on this and Jim’s other courses can be found on www.cookinfrance.com

Cost for the courses are €220.00 EUR for a day course (per day for 1 or 2 days excludes accommodation) and €995.00 EUR for the full, all-inclusive five nights.