Family Cycling in France

Perhaps the first thing that pops into people’s minds when considering family holidays in France is Disneyland Paris. However, France can offer so much more if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing time away rather than explore the hectic world of Disney.

Your children may not jump with glee when you suggest a nice summer holiday in a cottage in the French countryside, but there is still plenty to do. The south of France offers up plenty of great places like Alpilles, Cannes, Marseille, Nice and St Tropez. Each of those places will provide great culture and history whilst been surrounded by a glorious landscape that waiting to be explored.

One idea for families is to explore the great outdoors in the south of France, so why not head into a bike shop and hire bicycles for the family, this way you can reach further and still take in the serenity of France.

If you are heading to France particularly to enjoy a biking trip, as many do, then you should consider heading to the likes of Alpilles with long mountainous regions with plenty of public trails. You could cut costs on your holiday by purchasing a mountain bike online rather than paying the sometimes pricey rental or retail costs of local suppliers.

Of course the south of France is so much more than beautiful countryside as it also has a relaxing way of life and an intoxicating culture that you will enjoy submerging yourself into. Museums, landmarks and shops selling local handmade products are just some of the delights that await those considering spending an unforgettable summer in France.