Extreme mountain bike event comes to France in October

One of the best events in the cycling calendar is L’Xtreme sur Loue.

This is an event that goes through some of the most challenging circuits and splendid landscapes of any cycle tour.

It also draws around 10,000 spectators every year and there are 500 people involved in order to make the event happen.

The event is organised by the International Cycling Union and it is an event that is attended by amateurs and professionals alike. The event has been taking place since 1999 and it is an all-terrain event which is going to see cyclists from many disciplines attend.

All-terrain bikers seeking exertion — and those who prefer a leisurely wander — will enjoy discovering the hidden treasures of this destination in the Jura Mountains, the Loue Valley. From valleys to plains, from gorges to plateaux, from springs to waterfalls, this is a world apart, among Elysian fields of green. On October 6th and 7th 2012, the greatest riders from 50 countries, both amateurs and aces, will meet here, wheel against wheel.

Families have their place here, too, and many types of entertainment are lined up for them: musical performances, trial demonstrations, an all-terrain bike exhibition, and more. The races are the highlight of the event, especially the Cross-country Marathon World Championship for Top Women (63 km / 39 mi) and Men (84 km / 52 mi). L’Xtreme sur Loue (84 and 62 km / 52 and 38 mi) and the Rando d’Or all-terrain bike events (84, 62, 45, 35 and 15 km / 52, 38, 27, 21 and 9 mi), as well as the Mini Xtrem for children, are also not to be missed!

More than 4000 participants are expected in Ornans to experience the world’s largest all-terrain bike celebration!

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