Exploring the Dordogne region

The Dordogne is probably one of the most famous regions in France and anyone who has come to the country will probably be aware of this. It is an incredibly beautiful part of the France and is best known for its forested landscape, quaint villages and stunning castles.

If you’re in this part of France one of the best places to visit would have to be the valley of the River Dropt, which is the home of one of the most stunning mediaeval towns in all of France, Monpazier. This town is well worth visiting and will provide a traveller with a great experience of a typical mediaeval town in France.

If you head further along the river, which goes into the Bordeaux region you will find Villereal, which is perhaps most famous for its incredible market hall which was constructed in the 13th century. Just north of this area you will find numerous mediaeval houses which can be well worth exploring for a day.

All along this river you will find many small villages and towns that are worth visiting. Many of these will have wonderful cafes along the river where you can enjoy a coffee and some lunch. You will also find wonderful castles, which the area is particularly famous for, some of which are well maintained, and some of which lie in ruins.

This part of France has a great amount to see, and you will not just be blown away by the incredible natural landscape, but also its incredible history. The food in this part of France is also exemplary, and you will find numerous restaurants along this river serving up great cuisine. Of course, as you would expect with France, there are also great wines to taste from all over the country here.