Exploring the city of Marseilles

Marseille is easily one of the largest cities that is found in France with a history that reaches back thousands of years. Some people think that Marseille is a bit of a dirty city given the fact that its rough past is still evident in the buildings of today, but at the same time that it is rough around the edges it is also a very exciting to explore. Another advantage to visiting Marseille now is the fact that the city has been modernised quite a bit over the last decade and there is an easy train link to help travellers coming from Paris.

Those who want to visit the seaside while in Marseilles will want to head towards the Old Port; which is the main marina and the primary harbour area of the city. Nearby, you will also be able to see Fort St. Jean and Fort St. Nicholas both of which are charged with standing guard over this sector of the city. Near the end of the harbour is also the fish market and plenty of restaurants and cafes making the harbor area a wonderful place to grab some fresh seafood while you are in town.

Of course, you will also likely want to shop a bit while visiting Marseilles, and for this the Rue St. Ferreol District is the best choice. Outside of shopping, you will also find the Marseille Historical Museum located in the central Bourse.

It is a great stop, and other local museums such as the Musee de la Mode and Musee Cantini are equally excellent stops. They are also a great way to add more culture to your holiday as you can evenly spread your time in stores and in museums for a well rounded trip through the history of the town without missing out on any of the haute couture.