Exploring St Tropez

France is known as the cultural epicentre of the world due to the fact that it offers some of the most sophisticated men and women, the best wines in the world, the top fashion runways, great perfumes, and the highest form of haute couture in existence.

Due to this fact, it is no surprise that the country is also home to a city located on the French Riviera that is pretty much a playground for the famous and rich. This city is St Tropez, a city formed after WWII when French cinema stars and artists started to visit the city in droves.

Of course, as you might expect other European and American millionaires soon began to follow their example and before long St Tropez became the place to be in France for those with millions in the bank and top celebrity status.

During the summers, the population of the city will swell by almost ten times and this invariably drives up the price of living in the city as everyone attempts to take advantage of this fact. Therefore, for tourists that are not quite so wealthy the autumn, winter, and spring months are a better time to plan a visit.

One of the most famous attractions that tourists will want to stop by is the Plage De Pampelonne which is the most famous beach in St. Tropez. This is just about the most perfect beach on earth and it offers an ambiance that will literally spoil you for life.

Another great stop for those who want to see a bit more of the historical side of the city is the Musee Naval de La Citadelle. Known as one of the top heritage sites of the city, it offers a close look into the shipyards that originally helped to develop and shape the city into its current state.