Drome South-Eastern France

Drôme is a department (like a county) in South-Eastern France, and it takes the name from the nearby river. If you are choosing a holiday spot in France, then the Drôme

region should definitely be a contender. Home to beautiful natural scenery, as well as historic buildings, not to mention international shoe designers and world famous sweets.

Looking at the area like a compass there are treats to be found in each area. To the north you can find the Ideal Palace. Built by a postman, and intended as his tomb but now an intriguing attraction for tourists and locals alike. It is a beautiful piece of art in its own right, and is influenced by a range of styles from the Gothic to the Roman and from Oriental to Muslim.

Just a short way south of the palace is a town called Romans. Here you can find a centre for the most luxurious shoes that are famous across the world. There are shops in which you can find the latest style of modern designers on show, and there is even an incredible museum showing over 10,000 exhibits.

Off to the east lies a Nature Park. If you would rather spend the day communing with nature than pounding the pavements then perhaps the Vercors Regional Park is more your style. With forests and cliffs, caves and gorges and a simply stunning waterfall, you can get right into the history of the place; the region was used by resistance fighters in WW2 as a hiding place.

In the south-western region of Drôme is the historic Montelimar. A typical Provencal town complete with pretty squares and narrow streets. As well as the picturesque views, Montelimar is famous for nougat. You could choose to visit the museum to see the history, or just buy it and enjoy it.