Discovering the wine region of Beaune

Between Geneva and Paris is Beaune, which is definitely regarded as one of the main wine areas of France. If you are coming to France on holiday to taste wine then this is certainly an area you should consider visiting and it is perhaps better known as being the capital for wine in the area of Burgundy. This is a destination that is very popular with visitors every year and not just because of its wine.

Beaune is a city that is hundreds of years old and has walls built around it that were initially designed to protect it from Raiders. Interestingly, much of this fortification is in good condition today, and this provides a town with a very interesting feel. For those who are interested in history, the town will be a fascinating place to come as there is plenty of information detailing the historic past of this town.

Of course, one of the primary reasons why people come to this area is to taste the wine. It is estimated that in the area nearly 2 million bottles of wine are produced every year, and most of these are the red variety. What is equally impressive is the number of wineries in the area that all independently produce wine, but managed to get on together rather well.

This area is also particularly famous for its food, and one of the must see attractions in the town is the food market that runs for three hours every Saturday morning. Here you will find an incredible range of French food for sale, from wonderful cheese, to great meats. You will also find specific types of food available at certain times of year, such as truffles when they are in season. Bear in mind that the market closes at 12, so make sure you don’t arrive late.