Discovering the Vanoise National Park in France

If you are coming to France then one of the least discovered areas of the country to come to would-be the Vanoise National Park, which is located in the Haute Savoie region of France.

You will find that the maps of this part of the country are excellent, and if you are looking to do some hiking then this can be a great destination to come to. You will find that the mountains here provide a great challenge for hikers, and it is a great way to explore this very unique part of France.

This part of France borders with Italy, and this national park is really a gem of the region. The region only gained its independence in the last 100 years, and it is an incredibly diverse place when it comes to nature. You will find that there are around 600 kilometres of trails here which are fantastic for hiking.

France is a great country for going walking, and you will find that this is certainly one of the best regions. There are many different hikes available here, and all of them will ensure a different encounter with the region. Another great thing about this destination is that there are many food opportunities, which will allow you to sample some of France’s incredible cuisine. The area is particularly well known for its cheeses, and you will be sure to find many opportunities to taste them when you go hiking here.

If you’re looking to take a break from walking, then there are plenty of activities to do in this region. Nearby the national park are many large towns, which will have plenty to do. Coming to one of these and just soaking up the atmosphere in a French cafe, can be a wonderful way to rest the feet when you don’t quite feel like hiking.