Discovering the picturesque island of Corsica

The fourth largest island in the Mediterranean is Corsica, and it is located south-east of France, and West of Italy. Corsica is considered to be a part of France, but unlike some other departments in the country, it has a great deal more independent power, and this is somewhat because it has a very different culture and language compared to the mainland. The history of the island is very rich, and is first became under French rule in the late 18th century, and it has remained this way since.

The island has a great deal of beauty and warm as they are very popular visitors in the warmer months. Corsica, is somewhere that has become very popular for tourists, but it is also possible to get away from the very touristy nature of the island, and explore some of its natural beauty.

Just away from some of the tourist locations you will find incredible coastlines, with lots of places to be explored, that are left largely untouched by tourists. Also, if you head inland, you are also going to find plenty of historical attractions, as well as areas of magnificent natural beauty.

If you are interested in swimming, then the seas here are going to be ideal. Also, if you are interested in water sports such as windsurfing or sailing, there are plenty of opportunities. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep your sports on dry land, there are a great deal of mountain tracks available inland.

There are many ancient tracks, that run up the mountains, and these have become the perfect way to go for a hike in the day. Really, Corsica has become a paradise for walkers, and many people come to this island every year, just to do some hiking. Remember to bring a jumper, as if you’re hiking up a mountain, the temperature is going to fall.