Discovering the jewel in the Mediterranean that is Corsica

The beautiful French island of Corsica is physically closer to Italy, but has been a French island since 1768. Nicknamed the ‘The Mountain in the Sea’, it truly is one of the least unspoilt treasures in the Mediterranean. While the Corsicans welcome tourists, it is not a low budget destination and the hotel owners demand a certain amount of decorum. English is spoken but not as much as in the main tourist resorts so learn some useful phrases.

Make sure you have plenty of traveller’s cheques or Euros, very few places on Corsica accept credit cards, and this has caught out a few unwary travellers. If you are planning on taking a camping holiday in Corsica never leave any valuables in your tent. Campsites are very much access all areas, and anyone can just wander in randomly and help themselves to your belongings.

Hiring a car is a great way to see the island but the roads can be treacherous. You may feel like James Bond flying around the narrow, winding roads, and many are so narrow they are virtually impassable and then there is the wandering wildlife to contend with too. Follow these tips to ensure a great holiday on Corsica.