Discovering the delights of Toulouse

Toulouse is located between the Atlantic coast in the Mediterranean and it is a wonderful mix of the present and the past. The area is rich in architecture and history but it is also a centre for technology in Europe and is a key part of the European Space Programme.

One of the top attractions in Toulouse therefore must be Space City which is located in the east part of the city. The purpose of this attraction is to educate people about life in space and there are also fantastic replicas of important space objects such as the Mir Space Station. There are also fantastic interactive events at Space City such as the ability for you to practice docking a virtual space shuttle and having a go at launching a satellite.

Another fantastic attraction in Toulouse is the opera house, Theatre du Capitole which is one of the most prestigious theatres in all of France. It history dates back 400 years and since then the building has hosted a huge number of events such as ballets, operas, recitals and chamber music. It is one of the best attractions for culture lovers in France. It is a venue whose performances are internationally acclaimed and if you are in this part of France it is something that you certainly should not miss out on.

There is an exceptional fine arts Museum in Toulouse called the Musee Des Augustins and as well as the exceptional art inside the building itself spectacular, it is a former monastery that was constructed in the 14th century. Inside this building you will find art dating as far back as the Middle Ages. These are just a few of the attractions in Toulouse and there are numerous other landmarks which shouldn’t be missed on a trip to this spectacular part of France.