Discovering Saint-Raphael on the French Riviera

Located on the popular destination of the French Riviera is the town of Saint-Raphael, which is one of the largest and most attractive towns on this part of the French coastline. If you have come here there are many interesting places to visit in the town as well as some beautiful attractions in the surrounding area.

This resort town dates back to the 19th-century and it was the place where Napoleon landed his ship after fighting various wars in Egypt’s. After he had returned he was sent to exile and actually left from the same port, although his departure this time was much less favourable occasion for him.

Today the city is a well maintained, clean, and lively resort which has two beautiful beaches and little harbour which is capable of housing pleasure boats. Along the beachfront you will find hotels and apartments which were built in the 19th century and really add a great deal of attractiveness to the beach. Along the harbour you will also find a wide range of attractions and an enjoyable promenade to walk along.

As the town was built relatively recently there are not that many ancient historical landmarks in it. However, if you travel just three miles outside the city to the town of Frejus you’re going to see a much more ancient place, especially the cathedral in the town. This is one of France’s finest national monuments and it is a rare example of this century‚Äôs cathedral architecture.

While you’re in this part of France it is certainly not something that you should miss out on. If you are wanting to enjoy some coastal beauty, then it can be a great idea to drive along the road that heads east out of Saint-Raphael. This is regarded as one of the most beautiful coastal roads in France and by driving it is easy to see why.