Discover French Royal history in Poitiers

If you are looking to visit a town in France which has a great deal of history that it would be a good idea to visit Poitiers. This town has a much royal history in it and for this reason there have been many fine buildings constructed here over the centuries. One of the best parts of this city is going to it’s the mediaeval centre, which is a wonderful destination to explore.

One of the most notable monuments in this city is the Church of Notre Dame la Grande. This is an incredibly ornate building that is fantastic to go and see. It is surrounded by a great many mediaeval streets which you could easily spend hours wandering through just soaking up the atmosphere.

If you have come to this town and want to find out more information about what there is to see, there is an exceptional tourist office with several routes marked out for those who want to see the main attractions in the town. You will be provided with a map and this will indicate where you should visit in the town, but your navigation is assisted by the fact that the trails around the town have been very well marked.

Once you’ve explored the city, you should make sure that you get out of it to visit the incredibly beautiful village of Angles sur Anglin. This is a very charming destination which has a beautiful castle on a hill. Many of the houses here are constructed out of stone and have beautifully contrasting wooden shutters and terracotta roofs.

This is really an incredibly beautiful place and you should make sure that you take your camera with you to capture its beauty. The castles surrounding this area are really some of the most beautiful in the whole of France.