Destination Saone-et-Loire

In the south of Burgundy, the region of  Saone-et-Loire is called this for the two rivers that traverse it. Tourists are able to walk along the banks of either the Loire or the Saone rivers and take a dip to strip the heat away. There are boat tours on the river or you can rent a canoe if you would rather go it alone. On the boat tours you can listen to a local expert talk about nature.

Rent a horse or a bicycle to get around and experience all you can in just a day. If you would rather get a bird’s eye view, sail away in a hot air balloon. The rivers will be slinking below you.

Macon is the primary town in  Saone-et-Loire, dating back to the 2nd century B.C. Just so that you see everything, you may access a downloadable trail the local tourist office put together that takes you to all the important streets. It tells the history of those streets and other information on the sights.

St. Clement is only one of many Romanesque churches throughout the city. It was only recently excavated and as an archaeological site, may be toured if you first contact the city hall.

Many prehistoric caves are in  Saone-et-Loire. Close to Riverolles are the Aze caves, which host a number of underground lakes, waterfalls, bear skeletons, and fossils.

The Blanot caves are adorned by numerous stalagmites and stalactites. Following the trail in the cave takes you 80 metres below ground.

Close to Le Bourg are caves with a kind of museum of local archaeological history, displaying fossils and various other finds.

Throughout the region are innumerable chateaux, anywhere from smaller ones that have been turned into houses for tourists or small hotels, to gorgeous country homes and huge forts from the Medieval Age.