Day trip to Calais

When it comes to planning a day out, you tend not to think of going to another country, but so great are the transport links between the UK and France that this is now a viable option. Whether you go by boat or train, a day trip in Calais can be a lot of fun for everyone, and don’t forget to stock up on those duty frees.

There is more to Calais that cheap booze however, and many are surprised once they get there to find that it isn’t only a ferry terminal. The beach at Calais is extremely scenic, and spending a few hours on the French sand feels like a millions miles away from home rather than a short ferry ride. You can even see the English coast on a clear day, and one you have had your fill of sandcastles there is a wealth of restaurants nearby to grab something to eat or drink before you head home.

Try and make some time to visit the Calais lighthouse which stands 50m tall and has a spiral staircase up to the top with 271 steps. It was built in the 19th century and from the top you have the most amazing view right over to the white cliffs and is somewhere you want to have your camera with you. If you have time it is worthwhile going into the town centre and paying a visit to the WWII museum or the Museau des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle which is dedicated to modern sculpture and the history of lace making,