Cycling in Brittany

La Velodyssey is the name of the route that stretches from Brittany along coastal France to the Spanish border. It measures 750 miles and it is not like the route that I take daily in London and that is full of exhaust fumes from other carsand on whicht I have to dodge avoiding the pedestrians whop come on to the road at times. You need not be a cycling champion like Bradley Wiggins to chart this cycling track as it is mostly flat being in close proximity to the sea coast. I roped in my father who is half retired to accompany me on this trip.

We caught a train trip on Eurostar and arrived in Nantes starting from St Pancras taking another train in Paris. We chose Nantes to be our base before taking to cycling as it also had interesting trail waiting for us. The trip to Nantes was an interesting one for us as it had many different sights from animals to castles.

We began with a stroll along the ancient castle called Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne, a 13th century palace that is known for its slate roofs and mysterious looking white courtyard walls. We marveled at the beauty of the magnolias and took a small boat to reach the small but beautiful village called Trentemoult. This is a place where you will not find two houses with same color. And yes, you will also not find a straight path.

However, it is what waits for you on the island of Ile de Nantes that reflects the beauty of this city. The city has been christened European Green Capital of 2013. You will find yourself mesmerized with the artistic projects inside the city. These are structures made of wood, wiring, and metals and are a brainchild of Jules Verne. Here you can find a huge ant and a mammoth elephant.