Cruise Travel in France

France is one of the world’s best destinations for cruise travellers. The country offers cruise travellers the chance to explore exciting destinations that are known around the world for their culture. Travellers can have a sip of French wine and a taste of delicious French cuisine while on the cruise ship but it is better of course to get ashore and sample the local restaurants. Southern France’s pleasant weather is just an additional bonus. Cruise travellers are sure to enjoy France’s natural beauty, as well as its vibrant and exciting city life.
There is a wide choice of cruising holidays to French ports provided by companies all over the world. These take travellers to the many exciting destinations that France has to offer. One of the most popular places is Burgundy. Here, cruise travellers can enjoy exploring the ancient wonders of Auxerre, as well as the lively markets of Clamecy.
Cruise travellers can also choose to go to Provence where they can explore France’s most interesting and productive vineyards. They can also visit St. Etienne’s Cathedral and the Vezelay Basilica, which are both located in Provence. The Camargue, another of France’s most popular destinations, offers cruise holidaymakers an abundance of nature’s untouched beauty. There are also some spectacular castles located in the area.
France will surely be an unforgettable trip for cruise travellers. If required a French tour guide can help explore these exciting destinations. These guides help the holidaymaker to see France from a local’s perspective.
If you are going on a cruise in France, you might need a short stay Schengen visas if you are from outside the EU. With a Schengen visa, you can travel across member countries freely, including France. The Schengen visa will allow you stay in any member country for 90 days. These visas are issued for vacations, business travel, and for visiting family.