Colin Deane’s French Wines Masterclass

There’s no doubt as a nation we’ve become obsessed with wine. From drinking it, to talking about it, to even collecting it. For many of us, le vin is one of our greatest passions.

In fact, did you realise that collectively we spend £11.5 billion on wine each year, with around one billion bottles sold annually?

In this webTV show we will learn from Colin Deane the finer art of tasting the national obsession, French wine.

French Wines offer an entire range of wine experiences for everyone all from one country, whilst still keeping a modern taste.

One man who knows all about the huge array of French wine on offer in the UK is wine expert Colin Deane. He holds the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma and has judged for the International Wine Challenge and remains a panel judge for the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

In this French Wine Masterclass Web TV show, we’ll learn how to identify excellent, but affordable French wine, and hear about the different types of wine available from the world’s most famous wine producing nation.

Colin Deane joins us live online at 3pm on 2nd November for a French Wine Masterclass.

Click here to submit questions before the show and then remember to click back to watch it from 3pm. If you miss the show, it can subsequently be viewed on demand.

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