Chatres is well worth the hours train ride from Paris

Chatres is only about an hour away from Paris if you hope on the train and the Cathedral will make it well worth your trip. It is one of the only three Gothic cathedrals that is left standing in the country of France and is built on the remains of a worship site used by the Druids. During your visit make sure to stop by the crypt and see the Cathedral. Of course, you will also want to time to your trip to make sure you visit the Chartres en Lumieres which is a light show between the historical buildings that happens between April and September of every year.On the other hand, another great one hour trip from Paris is to the eastern corner of France to the city of Strasbourg. The city is unique given the fact that its location was traded by France and Germany several times over the last few centuries until it finally officially became a French region during WWI. For this reason the historical city has a great mixture of culture within the city, enough that it was designated as a World Heritage site by Unesco in 1998.Finally, one more great stop if you have an hour to getaway while in Paris is the city of Dijon which is known for its mustard tile roofs. The city is also famous for its enormous weekly outdoor covered market. You can also see some great churches from all architectural periods while in the city of Dijon including the Romanesque St. Bngigne, the Renaissance styled St. Michel, and the Gothic Notre Dame. Travel just a little bit farther outwards from Dijon and you will land in Beaune which is known for its great vineyards and plenty of great wines to taste.