Cassis festivities

Cassis is a tourist town of the Bouches-du-Rhone department. Famous for its cliffs and coves, it is also known for the wines (mostly white, but also pink) produced in the region. The city lies on the Mediterranean, about twenty kilometers east of Marseille. Cassis has eleven kilometers of coastline and two listed sites: the Massif des Calanques, listed since 1975, and the Dirty Cape, since 1989.
These two sites, and the city, can be admired from the top of the ridge road linking Cassis to La Ciotat. The Dirty Cape, situated between Cassis and La Ciotat, is one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, rising to a height of 394 meters.
In Provence, Christmas has always had a special sparkle. This is particularly true in Cassis where traditions remain strong and well anchored. Among the events of this period:
The celebration of St. Barbara, where the corn used to decorate the Christmas table is used by all families. It runs for four days at the heart of the village. This market allows visitors to complete their “hood” of good things, and features the best artisans and craft producers from across the region.
La Pastorale Maurel has been interpreted in Cassis each year since 1930. The piece played and sung in Provencal relates the “march of the star,” the departure of Provence to Bethlehem, after the angel Boufareu told them the “good news” of the Nativity.
The town also hosts a celebration of fishermen and the sea on the last weekend of June. Here, two days are devoted entirely to fishing and the sea. The major event of this festival is the blessing of St. Peter at St Michel on Sunday morning. The Mass is followed by the parade of Prud’homme and the blessing of boats at sea. Throughout the weekend many events, one after another, are related to the sea.