Canal holidays in Carcassonne

Canal holidays are very popular in France and when deciding to take one you should consider Carcassonne, as it is widely regarded as one of the best places to have a boating holiday. It is an ancient city with architecture and sculpture that will enthrall the visitor.

It has a fantastic location right on the Canal du Midi and is located in the South of France, in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. Taking a canal boat holiday will give you an entirely different perspective of France and will really allow you a very relaxing break in the country. Boating is a much more laid back and pleasurable form of transport compared to navigating French roads.

Carcassonne is an architectural wonder, and in the town there are a great deal of battlements, these include a giant Fort and over 50 towers. Other than the ancient architecture there is plenty to do in the town, there are numerous shops where you will be able to find a perfect souvenir for yourself or to give to a friend back home.

The Pont Vieux links the fourth part of the city to the rest of Carcassonne. In the rest of the town you will find the historic home of Joe Bousquet which now houses exhibitions about the authors writings as well at some of his most famous works. There is also the fine arts museum which houses many great pieces from the last three centuries. One of the best things about these various attractions is that there is no charge for entry.

The St Nazarius Basilica is also in the town and is well worth exploring, it boasts many fine stained-glass windows and also the tomb of a famous Bishop. This tomb is surrounded by many ornate statues which are well worth the visitors time.

In France the Canal du Midi is regarded as one of the best waterways to explore. It is of a long length and so you will find it easy to explore some of the most interesting parts of France. The river starts in Toulouse and continues all the way down to Sete, a port town right in the south of France. Over its 150 miles there are many interesting villages and towns to explore. The views over the countryside also spectacular and will ensure a very relaxing holiday.

There are many options when hiring a boat in France. You will find smaller options that can easily be shared by two people, but there are also larger options which will be able to accommodate families. One of the best things about hiring a boat in France is that you can choose to spend however long you want in each place, providing a truly tailored holiday.