Canal cruising in France

If you’re thinking about going on a holiday, you should really consider going on a canal cruise as it can be an uplifting and personal experience. On holiday, most people like to enjoy some quiet time and simply relax away from the office.

Going on a canal cruise can be a great way to do this, as you will find yourself cruising through some of the most beautiful countryside in whichever country you decide to go on a canal cruise in.

France is certainly one of the most popular destinations to go on a canal cruise, and it can be a great and relaxing experience. Not only will you be able to enjoy some time on the boat, but you will also be able to explore all the little towns on the journey.

This will allow you to pop into them during the evenings and enjoy a fantastic meal in a local restaurant. Alternatively, if you are travelling on a barge with an on-board chef, then you can enjoy a meal on the boat in beautiful surroundings.

In France, there are a huge number of small canal holiday operators, and they all have their own websites. If you want to make the organisation process a bit easier it is possible to go through an agent, who will arrange everything for you.

In France, there are over 5300 miles of canals, which can be explored, which makes it the primary canal cruising holiday destination in Europe. The United Kingdom has the second largest number of canals which are appropriate for cruising, but they only stretch for over 2500 miles.

Hotel barges typically carry below 20 passengers, with the smallest carrying around four. Alternatively, if you don’t want everything organised for you, and you have enough money, it is possible to rent a barge yourself, and enjoy complete privacy.