Camping in Paris offers best of both worlds

If you want to see Paris and are looking for an affordable place to stay then you might want to think about camping near Paris. Camping is a great idea because it is low cost and allows you to enjoy the outdoors at the same time. If you want to visit the city during high season it is a great way to beat the high prices of accommodation and to find a place that is not sold out.

There are of course many more perks to camping in Paris outside of saving money as the French countryside is simply breathtaking. While camping in Paris you get the opportunity to enjoy the balance of a fast city life during the day time as well as the relaxing evenings and mornings of the countryside plus there are some great local attractions outside of the city that you will be conveniently close to.

Of course, some of the best highlights of Paris have to do with art galleries such as the Louvre as well as national landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. While in Paris you will get to experience the wonderful romantic atmosphere and some great architecture. Once you get sick of strolling through the Paris streets, you can take a time out at the camp-site.

Outside of the city near most of the large caravan parks are the Parc Asterix and the Disneyland Resort Paris. Disneyland Resort Paris, the Paris version of the extravagant Disney amusement park, is easily one of the most thrilling tourist attractions of the European continent. Parc Asterix is also a top theme park that sports plenty of roller coasters and rides such as the well known Thunder of Zeus coaster.