Camping in Brittany

Brittany is probably the most popular destination in France for people who are going on camping holidays or those with a home on wheels. This is probably partly because it is so easily reached from the UK. Those who are coming with a mobile home can easily reach the region by ferry from several major ports. Another appeal of the region is the weather, which enjoys a climate rather similar to that of Cornwall.

Many people in the area are also those who have left Britain to live in France. There is a very gentle pace of life in the area and people enjoy their food and wine. While many of us describe going on a holiday in a mobile home a camping trip, this is not really camping in the traditional sense. Today, static mobile homes are so well equipped that those staying in them are practically living in luxury, although maybe they will retain the nice thought that they are ‘living rough’ a little.

For those who want to travel with their own camper van France is a delight. The population of the country is about the same as the UK, but the land area is about three times the size. This means that the roads are usually not busy and can be a real pleasure to drive on. When you get off at any of the ports in Brittany you will find it easy to be able to get to the camp sites in Brittany because of the clear and fast autoroutes – the drive time should be around three hours.

There is a great deal of accommodation options for those who are looking for somewhere to park their mobile home. Choosing where to set up for the holiday is one of the hardest parts of the time away as each part of Brittany has something different and exciting to offer, but the advantage of travelling on wheels is that you can easily choose to go somewhere else on a whim.

While Brittany is quite large, there is no reason why you cannot head out on day trips to some further away areas. This part of France is full of history and it would be shame to miss out on it. The area is particularly famous for the ‘standing stones,’ of which there are around 3,000 in the area – these are known as the Alignments and are well worth seeing.

Dinan is a spectacular medieval town that is full of history. The place is filled with architecture that is ancient and fascinating. If you want to experience the best view of the town then you should head to the old castle which is on the River Rance.