Brittany is a peninsula in the north-western region of France that lies between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Its rugged coastline, ancient castles, and Celtic heritage make it unique from the other regions in France. A journey through this province will reveal its rich history embodied through its people, customs and language.Its location on the Atlantic makes it an ideal spot for outdoor water sports such as surfing, scuba diving, kayaking and sailing. Brittany also offers spa seawater treatments (thalassotherapie) that have long been guaranteed to relax weary tourists. Seafood lovers and fine-cuisine aficionados will certainly enjoy the food that this place offers.World class museums and other historic places are found in Brittany, such as the Oceanapolis, the Nantes Cathedral, the Chateau de Combourg, the Grand Phare (Great Lighthouse), and the Musee de la Faiance. Its capital, Rennes, is classified as a city of art and history and is the centre of Celtic studies.Diverse accommodation options are available in Brittany such as the Chataeu Richeux, which is an Oceanside villa with a view of Mont St. Michel; Le Grand Hotel des Thermes, which is a spa seawater, centre in Saint-Malo; Best Western France Angleterre-Champlain, and Le d’Avaugour in Dinan.Travellers can get to Brittany by first flying to Paris. You must first secure a visa if you are coming from a country outside of the EU. From Paris, you can drive or take a train (Montparnasse Station) to Rennes. You can also get to Brittany by ferries that sail between Portsmouth and Saint-Malo; Portsmouth and Caen, Plymouth and Roscoff, or Poole and Cherbourg.