Situated in the extreme north west of France, the Region of Brittany is known for its scenic villages, towns and picturesque landscapes. Its rugged, indented coastline is littered with small and pretty fishing villages. To the north the region has a rocky landscape and to the south sandy, sun swept beaches. Fishing, farming and tourism are the important sectors of Brittany’s economy and of the three, fishing is probably still the mainstay however, over the last few years and due largely to an influx of British expats buying property, gite and holiday tourism has grown as has the demand for long term lets in Brittany.

Located on the west coast of France, Brittany has a warm, temperate climate. Rainfall occurs regularly (which helps keep its countryside lush green) however sunny and cloudless days are also common.

In the summer months, temperatures in the region can reach 30 degrees Celsius, but remain comfortable compared to parts of France south of the Loire. Brittany generally has a moderate climate during both summer and winter and rain is not uncomfortably common or rare.

Brittany’s most popular summer resorts are on the south coast such as La Baule, Belle Île and the Gulf of Morbihan although the wilder and more exposed north coast also attracts summer tourists.

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